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Academic Writing Skills 2 Student's Book

Academic Writing Skills 2 Student's Book

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ISBN: 9781107621091

A three-volume essay writing course for students in American English. Academic Writing Skills 2 takes students through a step-by-step process of writing expository, argumentative, and compare and contrast essays. It is appropriate for students wishing to focus on specific essay types that require the use and integration of sources to complete academic writing tasks.


Unit I. Writing an Expository Essay: 1. Essay structure and the introductory paragraph; 2. Body paragraphs, concluding paragraphs and outlining; 3. Improving your work; Unit II. Research and Citation: 1. Introduction to research and citation; 2. In-text citation and the Works Cited list; Unit III. Writing an Argumentative Essay: 1. Developing arguments; 2. Organizing argumentative essays; 3. Improving your work; Unit IV. Writing a Compare and Contrast Essay: 1. The introductory paragraph and essay structure; 2. Writing to compare and contrast; 3. Improving your work.